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With the screen recording and editing capabilities of Camtasia, you create powerful presentations and videos of your internet programs! The program is ideal for constructing learning videos, training videos, software presentations, and more. Camtasia Studio is a screen recorder program that filming any action on the desktop. Afterwards you can add sound to add the video, subtitle, notes and images, add speech bubbles and much more. After completion of your video export it easy as a Flash movie for your website or as an AVI on a CD-ROM. The program is offered in English, German , French, Japanese and Korean.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Even if you don’t have any editing experience like me the tutorials and learning by doing are easy to use and to understand.
  • Simple Screen Recording
  • Extensive Editing
  • Extensive Library for callouts, transisitions, video, audio and cursor effects
  • Direct Export to Youtube, Screencast, Google Drive and ITunes
  • A lot of Tutorials (Videos and PDF’s)


  • Expensive for non-heavy users (the Windows versions)
  • Some features are unavailable for Mac (see Comparison Mac-Windows)
  • There is a version incompatibility : projects that were created in Camtasia Studio (Windows), can not be transferred 1:1 to Camtasia for Mac

Product Overview

The program offers four basic functionalities. With the first function, it is possible to record a video on the screen. With the second option, you can record an audio track with the microphone. The third choice allows the filming of a PowerPoint presentation. The fourth feature provides the ability to import existing media in Camtasia Studio: the in-house CAMREC format, the video formats AVI , MPEG, and WMV, as well as audio formats WAV, MP3 and WMA. An essential feature is the so-called ” Picture-in -Picture function” . It enables you to include in the main video another video in a reduced size.


Camtasia Studio offers flexible recording options. You can record the full screen, a window or a range. Add music, comments, system audio plus images from a video camera, and the result is a screencast with world class.

PowerPoint Add-In

Use the tool bar in PowerPoint, you can start recording your presentations with a single click, either live or in the office.

Smart Focus

The exclusive Smart Focus technology TechSmith register the active recording spaces. The important areas are automatically enlarged.

Import Media

Digital video clips, photos, music, animations – in Camtasia Studio all media can be easily embedded into a project.


If you have taken the required topics, give your video the finishing touches and make a professional screen-cast video.

You can have different video and audio tracks and even separate the video and audio track from imported videos.

The timeline can be expanded, this is very useful when you cut sequences. During editing you can embed graphical element, images, imported videos and so on.

There is a large library for callouts, transistions, animation, video FX, audio FX and cursor FX. You can also add subtitles.

With the smart focus function you can increase relevant parts of the screen.


After recording and editing in proprietary formats, the production takes place . You can choose different file formats such as AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4 , SWF, FLV.

For the production you can use custom settings or choose from several predefined profiles. Depending on the length of the video or the performance of your computer, this rendering process can take different time .

Support and Tutorials

TechSmith offers useful, well-designed video and PDF tutorials, starting with links provided while you download the program. Then, when you first launch Camtasia, it plays a tutorial in the canvas, with the tracks and clip bin fully populated by the tutorial’s content, so you have something to experiment with right away. You’ll find also an extensive Q&A section on their website and a quick email support.

Who is it for

Camtasia will help you to have a professional approach as Internet Marketer.
You can realize high quality promotions and educational videos for yourself or for your clients.

Final Opinion

When I first saw a demonstration video on Camtasia I never thought using this software. But as they offer a free trial for 30 days I did the step and start to record with Camtasia. To my astonishment it was far out easier to handle for a newbie than I thought. The tutorials are a more than a help to perfect your skills. Today I’m sure that I would miss this useful software.

Summarized Overview

If you want to test or buy this product, please use one of my links. If you purchase the product I will get a small commission, this will help me to continue offering you useful reviews and tutorials. Thanks a lot.

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