The “Get Rich Quick” Scam

Hi, I hope you did watch this video. It will surely help you to avoid a lot of Internet marketing scams.

In these days your email address(es) circulates around the world. You get constantly spam messages of all kinds and surely from Internet marketing scammers. But how can you recognize the good from the bad? There are different similitudes that you find with all or most of the fraudsters.

In their advertising campaign

  • Promising a high revenue (at least $ 500 per day)
  • A simple program with no skills or knowledge necessary
  • Often an automated revenue
  • A long brainwashing sales video with high revenue environment (cars, villas, yachts etc) ;
  • A movie like life story starting from nothing;
  • Testimonials’ from test students;
  • A special price that decrease rapidly if you want to leave the presentation page;
  • Special bonuses or prices only valuable a certain time or for certain students;
  • Integrated up sells

After buying 

  • Product with no real resells value, only down selling through affiliation
  • Highest Affiliate Commissions
  • No support or help
  • No refund
  • In MLM scams: Sponsors up sell commission

There are surely some more scam element you know, tell us a little of your experiences.

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